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IBF Systems OMF Ion Beam Figuring

Technical properties of the LEYBOLD OPTICS IBF ion beam figuring system

  • Surface qualities of λ/200 and greater possible (depending on measurement system)
  • Starting precision of one lambda @633 nm is sufficient
  • Each machine is fitted with a 6-axis direct drive system, so that the ion source is always at a right angle (orthogonal) position to the workpiece surface
  • Processable shapes include: flat, spherical, aspherical, freeform, off-axis aspherical, acylinders, prisms, axicons and others upon request
  • Processing across the entire surface up to and beyond the edge
  • All processing movements are possible (meandering, spiral shaped, freeform, etc.), without changing the machine set-up
  • All mono-crystalline, amorphous and metallic materials can be processed. Examples: all kinds of optical glasses, quartz glass, Zerodur, ULE, KDP, sapphire, Si, SiC, Ge, etc.
  • Completely stable processes that are externally reproducible
  • Each machine has a main chamber and a lock chamber, which makes changing workpieces quicker
  • Automatic integrated diaphragm changer for various ion beam diameters of 0.5 to 20 mm (optionally available)
  • Fully automated process, iterative process workflow, without workpiece measurement between processes with different diaphragm openings, process expanded with robots and placing systems for fully automated processing of multiple different workpieces (optionally available)
  • Real-time measurement for determining the ion beam etching rate within seconds, without the need for a separate workpiece sample (optionally available)
  • Low operating costs and low maintenance requirements

This video shows the movements of the ion beam source on a freeform sample in a simulation

The table below details the types of LEYBOLD OPTICS IBF system currently available for ion beam figuring (also known as ion beam etching). We are also happy to produce systems with other dimensions or characteristics according to your needs. Simply tell us what you want to achieve, and we will adjust the system perfectly to your production process. Get in touch!

Direct driven axes66666
max. diameter flat200 mm450 mm600 mm800 mm1200 mm
Diameter, different shapesdepending on the radius of curvature; an additional 7th axis enlarges the sample diameter2
max. thickness200 mm200 mm200 mm200 mm200 mm
max. weight35 kg35 kg100 kg100 kg200 kg

Download the LEYBOLD OPTICS IBF product overviewhere.

view inside ion beam figuring system