Production process automation systems, Made in Germany

We develop robot systems for handling tasks such as robotic pick and place, gripping and placing systems and workpiece lock systems in ion beam figuring machines.

Positioning systems are another area of automation in which we are active. Our solutions in this area include linear systems, such as XY tables, and portal systems (rotative positioning systems, also known as rotary tables or round tables). These can be used to align a workpiece, tool or tool carrier in a certain angle to the reference position. Positioning systems are used in microscopy (e.g. in measuring microscopes), measuring technology (e.g. engine acoustics) and wafer production. The electronics industry uses high-precision positioning systems in chip manufacturing.

Positioning systems with three axes are known as tripods. They are more robust and much more precise than hexapods.

We implement control tasks using programmable logic controllers (PLC) and develop user interfaces and applications to customer specifications.