Options and extensions for ion beam figuring systems

Vacuum system

The OMF series of ion beam systems are fitted with a load lock as standard. This removes the need to break the vacuum in the main chamber, making it quicker to change samples between processes. All systems are fitted with at least one pre-pump and one turbomolecular pump for the load lock and the main chamber. This is the minimum equipment required to operate an ion beam figuring system. We recommend using two pre-pumps for the entire system and two turbomolecular pumps for the main chamber, in order to increase the pump power. Using multiple high-power pumps not only reduces the draining time, but also increases the general quality of the vacuum by enabling an even lower pressure (better vacuum).

To achieve the optimum vacuum quality, we also recommend using a Meissner trap within the vacuum system. Any water vapor or water vapor partial pressure inside the chamber increases the time required by the pumps to generate the vacuum. Other contaminations or unwanted objects inside the vacuum chamber also extend the pump time. Freezing any water present to cold surfaces (Meissner trap) can effectively support the turbopumps when draining.

The following table describes optional features that can be added to your system:

Upgrade option 1: pre vacuum system Pre vacuum system consists of one BUSCH dry pumping sys-tem with booster pump type COBRA DP250A with 220m³ per hour pumping speed.
Upgrade option 2: pre vacuum systemPre vacuum system consists of two BUSCH dry pumping systems with booster pump type COBRA DP250A with 220m³ per hour pumping speed separate for Load Lock and Process Chamber.
Additional second turbo molecular pump Add a second Pfeiffer Vacuum turbo molecular pump with 1900l/s pumping speed for two times better vacuum.
Meissner trap and PolycoldAdd a Meissner trap with >0,5 m2 surface, allows much faster a better vacuum quality in the main chamber for high end figuring.
Gate Valve for turbo molecular pumps Increases total vacuum purity and protects the turbo molecu-lar pump from contamination at venting of the machine. With two turbo molecular pumps and two gate valves it is possible to exchange one pump without lost of the vacuum quality.
All options may also be installed later with additional costs

Possible technical extensions

Diaphragm changer for shorter processing times

Image: System for changing the diaphragms for the ion beam source

Image: System for changing the diaphragms for the ion beam source

OPTEG engineers developed a system for changing the diaphragms on the ion source within the chamber. This helps further optimize the process and reduce processing time. The system is able to replace an 8 mm diaphragm with a 4 mm diaphragm, for example, without having to break and regenerate the vacuum.

Even more innovation with live etching rates

Our team of specialists developed a live etching rate device that can be used to determine etching rates without having to process an additional sample of the same material as described above. This removes the need to insert, process, remove and measure a dummy sample to determine the etching rate. The innovative add-on module can perform this task inside the vacuum chamber, comparable to a Faraday scan. This significantly reduces the preparation time.


Additional functions

Diaphragm changerAutomatic in situ diaphragm changer for maximal five different ion beam diameters. All diameters between 0.5 and 20 mm
Live etching rate measurement system Low Coherence Technology based measurement system to determine the etch rate of the ion source. Acquire the etching rate in seconds with an accuracy of +/-0.1 nm/s. Include a user exchangeable sample head for different kinds of materials. Lots of different etch rate determinations can be made with one sample head.
All options may also be installed later with additional costs