Flat hierarchies and high levels of individual responsibility – that is what characterizes life at OPTEG. Anyone looking to be more than just a cog in a machine has come to the right place. An engineer for a certain product area, such as measuring technology, is responsible for the entire process chain. He or she pushes a development forward, ideally accompanying it to a finished product ready for market. Later, they will organize and monitor production up to delivery. Professional organization is also required for support. So when we talk about “creative development opportunities”, we mean it!

Find out below about the people who make OPTEG’s success possible. Meet the team and find out what they think about every day, as they innovate, improve technical processes and make the fourth industrial revolution reality!

Annett HaaseTechnical draftswoman: I’ve been at OPTEG since 2010. As my job title suggests, I create the technical drawings. I’m also responsible for assembling and soldering circuit boards. My tasks also include assembling optical measuring devices and their components, setting up these devices and performing function tests according to a test protocol. I also compile the order lists for purchasing components, and monitor the goods arrival and inventory.

What I like about my job? It’s very varied, which means I have to reassess my priorities every day and work on my tasks accordingly.

Stephan GörschDeveloper: I’ve been in the company since 2009. I work in simulation, kinematics for ion beam figuring systems and axis commissioning for servo drives. I also take care of software development, interferometry and sample construction for customers. I particularly enjoy working on mathematical challenges. I also like the wide range of tasks. It is always possible to dive into new areas. One of my personal highlights is whenever a solution I’ve developed works perfectly.

Mario GeorgesDevelopment engineer for laser and optics technology: I’ve been working at OPTEG since 2009, focusing on project management and the development of optical measuring devices (planning, mechanical design, optics development, production). I also take care of communication and coordinate the website, production of advertising material and our appearances at trade fairs. I’m always driven to make things better than they already are. I love developing new technologies that improve out systems and devices. I’m not happy until everything runs perfectly. It’s always great when I manage to solve a seemingly impossible problem, thanks to the creativity of my colleagues. That is what makes team work so much fun.

Hans-Christoph WanningDevelopment engineer: My tasks cover microcontroller programming and embedded programming using Windows. My work also involves product support for the firmware of our in-house developments (stepper motors, high-voltage power packs) and software support (Windows programs) for optical measuring equipment. I also take care of network administration within the company. I’ve been at OPTEG since 2004. I particularly enjoy working on things that make my colleagues’ work easier and also fulfill unusual customer wishes (firmware adjustments, software expansions). The thing I love about my work is the constant supply of new challenges. We produce things that no one can buy anywhere else. I’m not happy until the customer is too.

Falk HoffmannDesigner: I focus on the design and development of ion beam and automation systems. I’ve been in the company since 2011. I’m also responsible for calculating the offers and making sure that our network of contacts is constantly growing, and not just at trade shows. I love new developments and technology, in all of the areas in which we work. Developments for high-tech processes are always exciting, as well as putting modern technology like robots into practice. I’m only happy once a design is really coherent. My personal highlight is the moment when a development moves from being a picture on a screen to a real product.

Ingolf HempelDevelopment engineer: I’ve been here since 2009. My tasks center on development, production and commissioning. This involves above all PLC programming, system control, system commissioning and the production and commissioning on ion source power packs like IBS 700 and IBS 1600.

Daniel JuhászTechnician: Since 2011, Daniel Juhász has been responsible for planning and implementing the electrical equipment required for the machines. He creates electrical circuit diagrams and documentation. In order to incorporate the requirements and conditions on site into his plans, he is in constant contact with customers. He coordinates the individual projects and ensures the flow of information between the customer and the colleagues involved.