ion beam source ignition for polishing

Ion beam figuring, automation and optical measuring technology

Ion beam and plasma figuring methods are used to create surfaces accurate to within nanometers, and local resolutions accurate to within millimeters. These nanotechnology-based procedures are also suitable for smoothing roughness to sub-nanometer (RMS) values. Compared to conventional polishing methods, ion beam figuring offers extremely high processing convergence and negligible subsurface damage. It is even possible to process edges (e.g. on spherical or aspherical lenses), which was previously critical. Improved procedures help to compensate the previous disadvantages of ion beam figuring, such as low processing speed. Our customers come mainly from the high-performance optics sector (X-ray to infra-red) and the semiconductor industry (lithography systems).

Axis system of an OMF system for ion beam etching

Axis system of an OMF system for ion beam etching

Robotics and automation

OPTEG also provides systems and development services in automation technology to a range of manufacturers. Our development team creates turnkey automation solutions for production and handling processes in all sectors. To find the best solution for your process, you can rely on our application development and visualizations with CoDeSys, in line with the IEC 61131-3 standard for industrial automation, along with PLC solutions and profibus systems. Our service portfolio also includes engineering and systems production up to commissioning, as well as expansions, maintenance, on-site repair and spare part supply. In mechanical engineering, we specialize in multi-axis movement systems, particularly when combined with direct drives (linear and torque motors). The training and experience of our staff also makes us experts in vacuum technology, movement and handling systems, and software.

Pick & place

Another important area of activity is pick & place; the handling of standardized products using modern automation technology. Our robotics solutions and application support let us help manufacturers and plant constructors master complex handling tasks.

Optical measuring technology

We also provide optical measuring technology. OPTEG develops and produces cutting-edge optical measuring systems that are perfect for a wide range of measuring tasks, such as analyzing surfaces, shapes and dimensions. We can also develop customized optical measuring systems tailored precisely to your needs. Do you need a special measuring system for research? Maybe you require a system for real-time monitoring, fully automated and integrated in a production line. Get in touch and tell us about the challenges you face. As an OEM partner for measuring technology manufacturers, we also produce modern systems that can be sold under your own brand name.