Automating production processes – More than just PLC

– PLC programming and system controls commissioning
– Application development and visualization generation with CoDeSys in line with the IEC 61131-3 standard for industrial automation
– Connection to a Windows GUI

-> Control of vacuum system with a separate load lock
– User-friendly automatic mode for draining the individual vacuum chambers
– Pressure-dependent controls and locks in the pre-pumps and turbopumps
– Transfer valve control and associated safety locks
– Incorporation of various third-party devices

-> Incorporation of CNC controllers
– Axis releases and other axis controls, such as homing runs and commutation of linear axes
– Operating mode control with special manual and set-up modes
– Incorporation of a transport system

-> Ion source control
– Automation of ion source operating modes
– Coupling of the required high-frequency generators, high-voltage power packs and media supplies

-> System control
– Field level visualization
– Alarm management and error message output
– Commissioning visualization up to on/off check

-> Connection to a Windows GUI
– Interface programming for transmitting set point and current values
– Figuring process organization at field level