About us


German-engineered systems for the optical industry and automation

OPTEG GmbH develops specialist machinery and automation systems. We have become one of the best in the world in ion beam systems for ultra-precise processing of optical materials. Our optical measuring technology division develops high-precision measurement devices for measuring surfaces and the thicknesses of films and optical media to within a few nanometers.

The company was founded in 2001 by Dr. Steffen Gürtler, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schwabe, Dr. Axel Schindler and Dr. Volker Gottschalch in Leipzig. In February 2018, Buhler Leybold Optics took over the business activities and employees of OPTEG. The Leipzig site will continue to operate as competence center and branch office of Buhler Alzenau for optical measurement systems, process components and IBF technology (ion beam figuring). It currently employs around 20 staff, two third active in research and development.

Our machines for ion beam figuring and plasma-assisted chemical etching of precise optical material were honored with awards at the INTEC international specialist trade fair in 2008 and 2009. In 2015, we successfully developed the world’s first automatic, robot-controlled loading and unloading system for ion beam correction systems. This enabled larger-sized workpieces to be handled for precision production.

Our customers value our ability to also fulfill highly individual requirements. Our team includes specialists from several fields. A flat hierarchy encourages staff to see their tasks in context, free from arbitrary dividing lines between development areas. We think beyond the boundary in our processes and as an organism. There may be things we cannot do, but we can learn how to do them.